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One of the most important ingredients of a high quality IT infrastructure is quality PCs and servers. If the IT hardware is not up to scratch the whole system can perform badly with an immediate knock-on effect on productivity.

So, it is imperative that your organisation receives the best advice to ensure you source the correct equipment at the right price. Here are five great reasons to choose ION as your IT hardware provider.

Five Reasons to buy PCs and servers through ION

  1. Great Pricing
    • ION have Enterprise Reseller agreements with all major computer suppliers.
    • As we buy in large quantities we are able to pass considerable cost savings to you without compromising on specification or performance.
  2. Speedy Support
    • Due to our close relationship with suppliers, our engineers have direct access to high level support technicians
    • By dealing directly with the supplier support teams, we can get engineers onsite with replacement parts within one working day.
  3. Extended Cover For All Equipment
    • All servers, PCs and notebooks are supplied with a 3 year next business day warranty as standard
    • Due to our status with our suppliers we are able to provide this at no extra cost!
  4. Expert Assistance
    • Our engineers are experts in PC and server design and specification.
    • We ensure you get the right machines for your business at the right price and without unnecessary and expensive extras.
  5. Tailored Configuration
    • Although our suppliers deliver PCs with a good software installation package, we take the time to optimise the systems before delivery
    • Our systems are delivered at peak operating performance so that you get the best out of your IT investment.
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We consider ION systems to be part of our team. ION provides us with on-going support and advice that ensures we do not need to worry about our IT systems. Most...
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