ION Systems Referral scheme

ION Systems operate a referral system to reward people who help us to grow our business by recommending us to other companies.

How our referral system works

The system is very simple. The referrer is entitled to 10% of the profits on the first 6 months of trading we do with the referred company. The profit is calculated as 100% of any support activities and the actual profit on any hardware purchased. Monthly support contracts are also included at 100% for the full months.

Referral Example

You refer a company to us who signs the following options:

Monthly support at £350
Initial engineering time at £1000
New server at £400 profit

You would be entitled to 10% of:

6x350 + 1000 + 400 = £350.00

Referral Restrictions

In order to avoid a conflict of interest, the following restrictions apply:

  • Referrers may not refer any company to which they are directly employed. This also applies to referrers who are currently employed as a contractor.
  • In the case where the referrer is employed by an existing client, payments will not be made where the client company is already a referrer of ION Systems. In this case, any payment would be made directly to the company rather than an individual.

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I sign up as a potential referrer?

A: Simply send a mail to us asking to join the service and we will advise you from there

Q: Is there any limit on the number of referrals I can make?

A: No. Make as many as you like.

Q: Is there any limit on the amount I could receive as a referrer?

A: No, we do not limit payments.

Q: When would I receive the payment?

A: Payments are made once the last appropriate invoice is paid by the referred client.

Q: Are these payments / profit calculations made with or without VAT?

A: Profit calculations are made without taking VAT into account. Referrers are required to submit an invoice to ION Systems for the agreed amount. In the case where the referrer is VAT registered they are entitled to invoice for VAT.

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