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Secure Server HostingION Systems provide secure server hosting services at their location in Newbury, Berkshire. They can provide their clients with secure hosting with in an ex-NATO nuclear bunker, which has very high security. The ideal choice for clients looking for a properly secure option.

When choosing a data centre, organisations often fail to consider the physical security of the building they intend to use. This can be a costly error especially as less secure data centres have recently been targeted by thieves who are looking to steal the valuable equipment which they house.

Six Reasons to Use ION for Secure Server Hosting

  1. High Levels of Physical Security
    • The bunker was built by U.S Forces to protect people and technology from nuclear attack and has reinforced walls, steel doors and EMP shielding.
    • The site has 24 hour security patrols and CCTV cameras.
    • Sophisticated access systems have also been added and all visitors are fully escorted by security personnel during their time at the bunker.
  2. Consistent Power Supply
    • Power is provided by a 415V 3-phase supply that delivers 1000 amps per phase to the main switchgear.
    • Backup power is provided by an auto start 650 kVA, 3 phase 415V generator which will take the full electrical load within 20 seconds should it be required.
    • The generator is fuelled from a 1,700 litre daily use tank which is automatically replenished from a 25,000 litre bulk storage tank. At full load this enables the set to run in excess of 40 days!
    • Advanced UPS systems cover the transition from mains to generator power and are sufficient to run the bunker for three hours until the generator takes over.
  3. Cooling
    • Cooling and air conditioning are provided by a combination of existing plant (air handlers and extract systems) and spot cooling
    • Spot cooling is delivered via multiple compact systems each with its own condenser unit, achieving required N+1 redundancy and allowing for seamless maintenance.
  4. Fire Detection and Supression
    • Each suite is protected by a fire detection system. Once occupied, suites can be upgraded to client specified standards.
    • All racks are covered with the Firetrace fire suppression system as standard, at no extra charge.
  5. Network Connectivity
    • The bunker benefits from diverse connectivity from a number of major bandwidth providers. Clients have the flexibility of installing their own connectivity from independent providers.
    • BGP4 routing can be employed to provide resilience against individual line failure.
  6. Electro Magnetic Pulse Protection
    • Areas within the bunker are protected from attack from EMP weapons by high energy surge arrestors, screening of cable runs and by a continuously welded 3mm thick steel shield and Faraday caging.

For these reasons call ION today to take the first steps towards a totally secure hosting solution.

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