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Explorer.exe restarts automatically or crashes when running CMD, Regedt32, Regedit or CMD Scripts

Issue - Every time you try to run a CMD prompt, the registry editor or other Windows commands, all of the icons on the screen disappear and reappear as explorer crashes.

Fix - This is usually caused by a type of malware called a rootkit. Although your antivirus may have removed the kit, it will likely not have removed some of the changes that the rootkit made to your system which causes ongoing problems as described above.

Step 1 - Install Adaware, Anniversary edition.

You can download this from
(Follow the links to the free version)

Step 2 - Run a full scan on your system and restart if prompted.

Step 3 - Click Start then Run (Vista users, hold the Windows key and R). Type Command and press OK

Step 4 - In the black window which appears type CD\windows\system32. Press return. Type copy regedt32.exe fixme.exe. Press return. 1 file should be copied.

Step 5 - Click Start, then Run. Type fixme and press OK.

Step 6 - In the registry editor, navigate to:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Drivers32

Look in the settings for oddly named files (such as jkrtsl.dll). Remove any entries that are not correct (they usually point to wdmaud.drv). Commonly, the infected setting is aux or aux2. If you are left without an aux setting, set it to wdmaud.drv (new string value).

Step 7 - Close the registry editor and restart your PC

Step 8 - Log back in, and everything should now work correctly!

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