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Missing Exchange Public Folder

Issue: When you search for an Exchange Public Folder, the name appears when you search Active Directory Users and Computers, but not in Exchange System Manager. This is annoying, as ESM gives the logical path to the file but ADUC does not.

Answer: This is 99% of the time caused by the public folder being renamed. When the folder was renamed, the attribute "Folder Name" was updated, but the attribute "Address Book Name" was not. the ESM searches the latter name, and therefore can't find the newly named folder.

The best fix for this, is to run a quick VB script to dump both folder names and the folder path to a file for all folders. This is also handy for audit purposes or generally to assist with Public Folder management. I have attached a script to the end of this technote that I used to get the information. It is set to be run from the 2003 server console. If you're running it from a workstation, you will need to change the strServer entry to give the name of the Exchange server which houses the Public folders. Hope this is useful for you!

OutputFilePath = InputBox("Enter Output file name and location such as c:\output.txt", "Output File Name", "")
if OutputFilePath = "" then wscript.echo "Filename not entered"
if OutputFilePath <> "" then
wscript.echo "Click OK to start the export - May take several minutes to complete"
strServer = "."
Set oWMI = GetObject("winmgmts:" _
& "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strServer & _

Set colItems = oWMI.ExecQuery _
("Select * from Exchange_PublicFolder")
Set sfs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set of = sfs.OpenTextFile(OutputFilePath, 2, True)

of.write ("Folder Name" & vbTab)
of.write ("Address Book Name" & vbTab)
of.write ("Folder Path" & vbTab & vbCRLf)

For Each Folder in colItems

of.write ( & vbTab)
of.write (Folder.AddressBookName & vbTab)
of.write (Folder.Path & vbTab & vbCrLf)


wscript.echo "All Done"
wscript.echo "Open in Excel for the best looking results"


end if

To run this script, simply create a text file in (say) notepad and save it as whatever.vbs. You can then run the script by double clicking on it. Certainly helps when looking for Missing Exchange Public Folders!

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