Co-located Web Hosting Services

ION Systems offer tailor made hosting packages within our secure data centre. Whether you require a single U or several racks, we are happy to accommodate your solution. All of our hosting options are billed on a monthly basis with a 3 month cancelation period.

Your monthly charge will be based on the amount of rack space you require, and the amount of internet bandwidth and power that your system requires. Below is a table of the charges.

Rackspace Hosting Solutions

Rack Space required
Power included
Initial Setup Charge (£)
Monthly charge (£)
Quarter Rack (10 U)
Half Rack (21 U)
Full Rack (42 U)

Should your solution require more power, it is available at an additional monthly charge. Our hosting support team are always happy to discuss power charges and requirements.

Multiple racks and dedicated suites are also available. Please call for more information.

Dedicated or Shared Bandwidth

ION Systems provide two options for bandwidth, dedicated and shared. Dedicated bandwidth clients purchase bandwidth by the Mbps and this bandwidth is reserved for their exclusive use. Shared bandwidth clients have access to our shared bandwidth connection. The shared connection is up to 20Mbps and is limited only on the amount of data transferred in each month.

Dedicated bandwidth is charged at £35 per Mbps per month.

Shared bandwidth is charged at £35 per month with a limit of 250GB of internet data transfer.

In general clients with a smaller rackspace requirement find the shared bandwidth option the most appropriate. Clients with ΒΌ racks or more find dedicated bandwidth more flexible and attuned to their needs.

Pricing example

In this example the client requires quarter rack and 4Mbps of internet bandwidth. The solution is only anticipated to draw 1.8A.

Initial Setup Charge
Rackspace Charge
Bandwidth Charge (4X£35)
Total Monthly Charge
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