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Let’s be honest – Systems backup is probably one of the least interesting aspects of your IT systems… Until you need it!

Depending on your requirements your backup might be:

  • Local (to another device on your network)
  • To removable Hardware
    • Such as Tape or USB Hard Drive
  • Cloud Based
    • To an online provider

In many cases it will be a mixture of the above.

We ensure that your backup has these important attributes:

  • Covers all of the data and systems you need
  • It checked on a regular basis. We will notify you if a tape is not changed or other errors have occurred
  • Is tested to ensure that the data is written correctly
  • Is compliant with your internal processes

The backup is only as good as the recovery plan.

We will help you to create a disaster plan and identify potential weaknesses and failings. Where appropriate we will supply spare hardware and other equipment to get you running again with the minimum downtime.

With the plan in place, and our team checking your routines you can rest assured that if disaster strikes you’re IT systems are fully prepared to deal with it.

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We have been very impressed with the team at ION, their friendly support and honesty in the complicated world of IT is second to none. We would definitely recommend them the wider business community. Keep it up!

Mike Bagshaw, Owner International Taste Solutions