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Maximising your investment…

Ever purchased a PC or a laptop only to find it is woefully slow?

Preventing this sort of mistake is where our hardware team will help you.

We have strong connections with well-known hardware and software suppliers and distributors which give us access to a variety of computer solutions and pricing models. Our highly experienced hardware team refine this information to offer the correct systems at the right price!

Buying the right equipment
The most common mistake that companies make is to fail to correctly match hardware to requirements. Often this leads to underperforming equipment which impacts on productivity and in some cases staff morale. Sometimes the opposite is true and money is wasted on high powered devices which spend most of their time idle.

Our hardware specialists make sure that you get the right equipment to suit your requirements and your budget. Before you buy new equipment we will also look across your inventory to see if there is equipment which can be upgraded to get more from it and thus save a new purchase.

Competitive Pricing
Our Enterprise Reseller agreements with all major computer suppliers enable us to leverage our buying power and provide those considerable cost-savings to our client-base.

Engineer Support & Equipment Warranty
For vital equipment such as Servers our team will recommend the purchase of additional hardware warranty. This enables us to use our close relationship with the supplier technical support to arrange callouts and site visits most efficiently.

Tailored Configuration
The one thing that reduces return on investment in the PC, Laptop and Tablet market is Bloatware. This is software, often bundled with the device which is not required but uses up resources.

As part of our build process our engineers remove this software and ensure other settings are set optimally to produce the most consistent experience for the user. It makes quite a difference sometimes improving performance by up to 20%!

To find out more about any of our services, please call us on 01635 888800

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