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At ION Systems we provide telephony services for businesses.

Our services use the modern IP Telephony system which sends calls via the Internet as opposed to using traditional, physical hard wired phone systems.

The Benefits

As the services are hosted and controlled in the Cloud you can add as many users and phones as you need without having up spend money on expensive upgrades and new physical phone systems.

Cost Efficiency
As there is no need for separate phone lines, you will not be paying for:

  • BT Line Rental
  • Additional cabling work to add new phones
  • Phone system modules for new features or additional users

In addition the monthly service charge comes bundled with an impressive number of free minutes. 99% of our clients stay within the allowance and therefore only pay the service charge. In most cases this is roughly equivalent to at BT line rental!

Enhanced Connectivity
Wherever you go and whatever device you are using, your services are available. All you need is your device, and a working Internet connection.

No Geographical Limits
Unlike traditional phone systems, you are able to subscribe to telephone numbers outside of your geographical area. This allows you to use different area codes without the need to have a phone system in each physical location.

Putting YOU in control
Using a simply, web based interface each phone user can change aspects of their phone configuration. This includes diverting calls, voicemail settings, incoming fax and many other options. Of course ION are happy to also make changes on your behalf and the on-going telephony configuration and maintenance is covered under your unlimited service contract.

Why should you choose ION Systems your telephony provider?

  • We use a Multi-device solution – whether using a traditional desk phone, mobile phone or even an application on your computer we’ll get you connected just the way you want
  • Automated updates – the system is updated within the cloud and your devices will update automatically as new security and features updates are available.
  • Totally flexible and scalable solution. Works well from two to two hundred users, or even more.
  • Moves, adds and other any troubleshooting are all covered in your monthly service contract.
  • All-inclusive service pricing so that you do not get any surprise bills!

To find out more about any of our services, please call us on 01635 888800

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We have been very impressed with the team at ION, their friendly support and honesty in the complicated world of IT is second to none. We would definitely recommend them the wider business community. Keep it up!

Mike Bagshaw, Owner International Taste Solutions