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Moving offices is an exciting time for businesses. However you adapt to changing conditions a new office brings new energy and direction for your company.

We make the transition of your IT systems from to the new location as seamless as possible.

We will help you evaluate the IT and communication potential of your new base and let you know what to expect when you move. Installing and extensively testing the required IT infrastructure at the mew location, before you move, gives you the confidence to know everything will work correctly on the day.

Several weeks before the move-in day we will order your internet services. We assist with the installation and test the internet link to ensure it will be working when you move.

We evaluate any existing IT cabling and proposed comms rooms and let you know if you will need anything extra. We manage any additional cabling or changes on your behalf.

The week before the move we visit the new office to configure and install the wired and wireless networks. We also install and test your new internet gateway. This ensures that everything you need will be in place ready for you to move in.

The day you finally pack up your office (typically a Friday afternoon) we shut down and relocate your critical infrastructure such as your server and remove anything that we need to relocate or is now redundant.

Your critical services are reinstated and tested ready for you to move in.

Once you move the rest of your office our engineers are on hand to ensure all the PCs, printers and other IT equipment is connected to the network.

On your first working weekday after the move we are be on site to ensure any snagging issues are dealt with swiftly.

That way you will feel confident that your IT system will continue to support you in your new home.

To find out more about any of our services, please call us on 01635 888800

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We have been very impressed with the team at ION, their friendly support and honesty in the complicated world of IT is second to none. We would definitely recommend them the wider business community. Keep it up!

Mike Bagshaw, Owner International Taste Solutions