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Dell T410 - SBS2008 has no network drivers

OK. So, I got a nice new Dell T410 server for a client and started the 2008 Small Business Server install from the install DVD (they didn't buy the software with the server).
All great, but the DVD doesn't have drivers for the network cards and prompts for these in the second part of the installation. As it can't find any network adaptors, it refuses to continue. The nics in question are NetXtreme II Gigabit adaptors by the way.
The issue is that the Dell site doesn't offer the drivers nicely extracted but instead as a useless setup.exe. To compound the problem, the setup.exe will not run on a 32bit O/S either so it's tricky to find another machine to extract the files to.
In the end, I managed it on a new Windows 7 (x64) PC and "stole" the extracted drivers before the installation software removed them when it failed to find the adaptor. The files can be found at:

Download, extract to a usb key or cd or whatever and then point the install at the folder. You may have to do the 4 times, as the install creates a system device first, and then the network device afterwards (for each of the 2 network interfaces). You can use the same path for each one though so it is fairly quick.
Anyway, hope this helps people out there that get the same issue!!

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