Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual servers are now a very popular alternative to traditional server hosting. Virtual servers exist on a shared server platform which allocates set resources to each virtual machine. It is important to note that whilst the servers share the same physical hardware, they are completely separate from each other. As far as the servers are concerned, they run exactly as if they were on their own separate hardware.

Virtual Server Benefits

There are four key benefits of utilising a virtual server platform.

Flexible Costs

There is no need to pay the upfront costs for server hardware as it is already in place. Additionally, ION Systems are a Microsoft SPLA partner which allows us to also include your Windows licenses as part of your monthly charge.


The shared infrastructure performs many times faster than a standard server as it has a fast disk array and top of the range memory and processing power.


All of ION Systems shared server platforms are configured for high availability. This means that there are multiple physical servers within the platform, multiple disks in each server and automatic failover configurations should a failure occur within any part of the platform. This is a significant advantage over a single physical server implementation as should that server fail then all of its operations and staff that depend on it are unavailable until it has been repaired.


Should the need arise that your virtual server requires more memory, processing power or disk space, the resources are already available on the platform. Simply put in an order and we add the required upgrade directly to your server.

Should the needs of your business change, your virtual server contract is one month rolling. This means that you can cancel the contract and you are not left stuck with a server you no longer require. In addition, if you took advantage of our SPLA Microsoft licensing you also avoid being stuck with licenses you no longer require!

ION Server Packages

Each server package varies depending on the specification which is required. ION Support technicians are happy to discuss your requirements and make recommendations on the optimal server specifications.

All packages include, (as required) your Microsoft licensing, bandwidth, support and patch management. Support is customisable depending on how much or how little you require.

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